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Solidarity with Health Care Workers

The Industrial Workers of the World extends its solidarity with our Health Care workers beginning industrial action on Monday Strike on 12 December. In doing so we stand in solidarity with UNISON, NIPSA & GMB unions and the demands that they are fighting for:

An inflation busting pay rise

Safe staffing levels in the health service

Fair mileage rates

On the eve of a wave of strike action by Health Care workers, a spokesperson for the IWW said that, "Our union wishes to extend our solidarity with all workers embarking on strike action to demand an above inflation pay rise for their members. Workers are also demanding safer staffing levels throughout the health service as well as decent mileage rates for workers as the cost of living crisis escalates.

"Let no one be under any doubt that this is a fight by workers themselves to defend our health service. Over the past number of years we have witnessed its gradual decimation into a body that no one recognises anymore. This is nothing sort of a deliberate attack on all our class, on the people it was designed to protect and the workers it relies upon to provide a caring public health service.

"We call upon everyone to add their voices in solidarity with healthcare workers taking part in planned picket lines throughout the country. We ask you to show solidarity in anyway you can with all workers on strike. From our postal workers, our teachers and public sector workers who are continuing ongoing strike action.

"Demand an end to attacks on our healthcare services. Genuine working class solidarity at times like these is needed now more than ever."



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