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Solidarity with MERJ & Black Pride Ireland

On March 8, a group of known fascists tried to push their way into a POC event, a skill swap hosted by 'Black Pride Ireland' (@BlackPrideIre) and 'Migrants and Ethnic-Minorities for Reproductive Justice' (@merj_ireland). This happened after a week of online harassment and threats, and it is not the first time that they have been harassed. They have always managed to fight back and defend themselves, their community, and their space. However, the rising of the far-right is a problem concerning us all and we must stand side by side in solidarity, creating a strong grass-roots network that will give no room for the far-right to advance. From the IWW in Ireland we want to extend our solidarity to everyone who has fought and resists fascist violence. The IWW since its creation has been at the forefront in the fight for migrant workers' rights. We stand against fascism and racism and are working to create a common front of class struggle which will take on our common enemies: bosses, patriarchy and the ruling class. Solidarity is not just a word - It's a weapon! MERJ Facebook page here


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