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Solidarity with Palestinian Workers Continues

Several hundred people gathered in Derry's Guildhall Square this lunchtime as part of solidarity actions with the people of Palestine and for an immediate end the the massacre of thousands of innocent unarmed civilians in Gaza.

Today's solidarity formed part of both national and international protests in calling for an end to the war on Gaza and the apartheid regime of the Israeli State.

A spokesperson for the IWW in Derry said that "We have listened to speaker after speaker talk of the genocide unfolding in Palestinian on our TV screens. Several speakers expressed concern for their relatives still being bombarded by the terror inflicted upon them by Israeli state forces. Many called for an immediate ceasefire amidst the growing humanitarian catastrophe countless Palestinians are forced to endure.

"We welcome the trade union movement becoming more visible and vocal on the issue of solidarity with Palestinian workers and their families.

"Over the past number of days, workers in the occupied West Bank brought that area to a complete standstill as part of a general strike against the indiscriminate bombing of innocent Palestinian communities. We would echo calls for a global general strike, to demand an end to this massacre, an end to the terror of occupation as an international solidarity action with workers in Palestine."

Please continue to follow the IWW Ireland social media channels for regular updates and solidarity protests in your local area.


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