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Solidarity with Workers in Italy

Industrial Workers of the World (Ireland) stands in solidarity with the workers of Italy as capitalist profit hunting guts their industrial sectors.

Thanks to concessions on international trade made by the Italian State and the EU, workers are left penniless while their previous employers maintain and increase their profits.

The capitalist practice of out-sourcing is a race to the bottom for all except The Bosses.

As multi-million Euro corporations increase profits by cutting labour costs, and refusing to adhere to environmental safety regulations, direct State attacks against union activity increases.

This gives corporations the confidence to use street militia tactics to attack and even murder union activists under the statuesque eye of State police.

It also emboldens the far right and fascists, which always leads to yet more violence on our streets and in our homes.

Solidarity with the grassroots unions striking on 18th October. Your voices are strong and needed.

"If the workers are organised, all they have to do is put their hands in their pockets and they've got the capitalist class whipped.".

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