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Stop The War On Palestine

Several hundred people from across Derry and Donegal rallied at Derry's Free Derry Wall this afternoon, the site of countless social justice demonstrations for decades. The solidarity action was called by the local Derry solidarity Palestine group, Derry IPSC, formed to show support and awareness on developments in Palestine. Today's solidarity actions was one of the largest show of solidarity with the people of Palestine since the latest war on Gaza by the Israeli regime.

It is believed that an estimated 8000 people have been murdered since the beginning of the three week offensive, as the death toll increases in Palestine. So far, widespread international protests and humanitarian calls have fallen on deaf ears who demand an immediate ceasefire and humanitarian aid to be allowed into the devastated region.

Today's solidarity formed part of a weekend of both national and international protests to demand an immediate end to the war on Gaza and the apartheid regime of Israel.

A spokesperson for the IWW in Derry said that "We are hear, like so many others to add our voice to the growing demands from ordinary people as well as the trade union movement, for an immediate end to this genocide of Palestinian workers and their families.

"We would echo calls for a global general strike, to demand an end to this massacre, an end to the terror of occupation as an international solidarity action with workers in Palestine. This horror we are all witnessing on innocent civilians, on workers, has to end once and for all." #EndTheOccupation #NoWarButClassWar #FreePalestineGaza



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