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Tech Worker's Targeted in Layoffs at Twitter & Facebook

During an unprecedented time of pressure on workers - partly due to inflation, partly due to the cost of living crisis, and majorly due to the greed of individual capitalists - the Meta and Twitter companies have announced worsening conditions and widespread layoffs.

Falling profits at Meta and the disastrous buyout of twitter have caused both companies to shed costs by putting skilled, valuable workers out at this time of year. Both companies have a significant presence in the South of Ireland, and this news is extremely unwelcome.

Twitter has announced a compulsory “back to office” for retained workers, echoing the strategies used by incoming CEO Elon Musk at Starlink and Tesla.

Watching the decline of both companies, it’s easy to see how the workers keep the wheels turning and power the business. Without standing together, workers throw themselves upon the fickle mercy of billionaires.

When workers stand together, they can resist and fight back against mass layoffs and worsening conditions.

Those of us who work in the Tech sector can see that if this can happen in billion dollar household name companies, to workers with significant experience and expertise - it can happen to you.

Join the IWW union tech workers section today and unionise your workplace!

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1 Comment

Nov 16, 2022

Twitter is a mighty shitter. ☹️

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