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Transport Workers Are Fighting To Win!

The Industrial Workers of the World extends its solidarity with all Public Transport workers taking part in further strike action across the North of Ireland today.

Further Industrial action by Transport workers has brought bus and rail unions onto the streets once again to demand decent pay during one of the toughest economic crisis in recent years. The action comes as political talks at Stormont stalls, as the parties continue to negotiate its return after a number of years. This in turn has added further pressure across the public sector as workers demands for better pay and conditions are ignored amid a going economic crisis.

Continued action by Transport workers comes as news of one of the largest ever day of strike action is announced for January 18th 2024. On the same day, the Northern Ireland Secretary of State will have to announce an official date for fresh local elections for Stormont, marking an end to political negotiations.

A spokesperson for the IWW said "Our members will once again extend our solidarity and support to all Public Transport workers on picket lines who are demanding their right for decent pay. We extend our solidarity with Transport unions who are standing firm against those who have even questioned their right to take industrial action and also for braving the winter weather on the picket lines today. They do so knowing that all public sector workers are fully behind them, as well as the general public. The amount of solidarity they have received has been incredible as we approached Christmas, which is a difficult time of the year for most working class communities.

"As NIC ICTU unions prepare to mobilise for one of the largest ever strike actions on January 18th 2024. Our members will also be joining with thousands of others in an effort to show our continued solidarity with Public Sector workers in their fight for better pay and conditions. As can be seen here today, on picket lines across the north, workers are not prepared to be silenced as they too struggle through a cost of living crisis, whilst those in Stormont and Westminster ignore workers demands. Our public sector workers are forced to take to the streets and to the picket lines but they do so knowing that they are fighting to win!"


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