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We Demand Better: Abolish the Wage System!

Several hundred union and community activists marched together through Derry city centre, as part of the Derry Trades Union Council - We Demand Better - campaign. The march & rally came together following a series of public town hall meetings organised by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions earlier in the month.

A number of community and union representatives spoke from the platform and gave their endorsement to the campaign. Several echoed the call for the need to have continued feet on the streets, to demand that enough is enough.

Many spoke of the need for unity within the trade union movement at this time as the class war intensifies. While others touched on the impact cuts were having on all services, in all communities and on all workers as the politicians prepared for yet another election in the new year.

An IWW spokesperson said following today's events, which took place in both Derry and Belfast, stating "It's important that we remain on the streets and on the picket lines. There is no other way in which we can achieve our goals and put an end to piss poor wages, food banks or fuel poverty. The government and their politicians can try and deflect or blame what is happening on Putin's war on Ukraine or a dysfunctional Stormont.

"We know that this is a class war which has been bubbling away in the background for some time. We see it every day with attacks on our health, on our education and on our communities. It's been on the increase and we are all witnessing it, as many of today's speakers have touched on.

"For our part, we believe that only through working class mobilisation, in our workplaces and from within our communities, can we effectively challenge the impact of what this is having upon all our lives. This is why the IWW are here today in Derry, in Belfast as elsewhere, in solidarity with others to begin that challenge on the streets."

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1 Comment

Nov 28, 2022

We will all have to make sacrifices (my arse) -

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