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Wobblies at the Dublin Anarchist Bookfair

The long awaited return of the Dublin Anarchist Bookfair took place in Dublin on Saturday 20th May. After a number of years in cold storage the return to the Teachers Club venue in central Dublin was welcomed by activists throughout the country.

"We've popped over from West Meath for the day to get a chance to meet activists and attend some of the talks organised. I'm planning to attend the one on housing with CATU and the IWW and she is hoping to attend the one on disability rights and activism." said one of those who attended.

Another attendee said "I signed up for the Industrial Workers of the World a few weeks back, I knew that they'd be here today. I got a t-shirt and just attended one of the talks on prisoner solidarity as I'm recently interested in abolitionist politics. There's just nothing around like this in Ireland and I'm really glad I came today. I'm from just outside of Dublin."

Members of the IWW Ireland branch from different parts of the country had an IWW information stall and took part in a number of meetings and workshop on writing to prisoners. As the event came to a close a spokesperson for the IWW said "It was great to participate in what was an historical event by the radical left in the city. It was great to see the book fair back after an absence of a number of years, so we're hoping that this will become an annual event in the political calendar once again.

IWW Solidarity with the CNT Xixón

"For a revolutionary union such as the IWW it was important to be here and make connections with other grassroots groups and campaigns. To reach out to those who attended, chat to them about the IWW and the work we're involved in locally and around the country.

"Some never heard of the union organising in Ireland, which tells us that we need to be much more visible than what we have been, while others came to ask some questions and even sign up to become active. It was great and we would like to thank the organisers for the effort they have put in to creating such a brilliant event like this in Dublin. It was a great day."

Members of Incarcerated Workers Oganising Committee held a successful Prisoner Letter Writing Workshop at the book fair which also was well attended. Participants heard of the work members are involved in first hand, in showing solidarity with prisoners and wrote a series of solidarity messages to a number of IWW prisoners receiving ongoing support.

IWW Solidarity with the Craigavon Two

The event ended with what was undoubtedly, one of the loudest round of applauses of the days events and the important work of organising on the inside. Those who attended returned to the rear of the building for several solidarity photographs with the Craigavon Two and also the CNT Xixón who are facing imprisonment by the Spanish State for their trade union activism.



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