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Working Class Solidarity Needed As Strikes Continue

Members of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) have expressed its support and solidarity with workers taking strike action this week as pressure on workers and that of their families continues to grow.

A spokesperson for the IWW Ireland in a statement released earlier today said that, “Our union wish to send a message of support and solidarity with workers across the country who are continuing industrial action or embarking on action for the first time. We send our solidarity to those workers on the frontline who have taken the bravest of steps to demand better pay and conditions. From Education workers to Council and the university workers as it’s important that they know at this time, that they are fully supported in their fight.”

It is estimated that thousands of refuse collections, school meals and transportation will be affected as a week-long industrial action takes hold by members of NIPSA and UNITE. Further ten day strike action by university workers, represented by University and College Union (UCU) at Queen's University and Ulster University are also continuing action in their demand for wages, pensions and a reduction of workloads.

A spokesperson for the IWW concluded, “We believe that this is only the beginning of further strike action both within the Public Sector and beyond. Workers have had enough of poverty pay and conditions. At a time when working class communities are facing increased hardships not witnessed for a generation or more, many are gathering the strength to fight back. Speaking to workers on the ground and they will tell you we are already exhausted. Exhausted from working extra hours still we can’t afford the bills or need to access food banks just to make ends meet.

“Over the weeks and months ahead, it is important that workers continue to receive support and solidarity on the picket lines. We call on workers to attend the picket lines, show your support at protests and stand shoulder to shoulder with workers. They are fighting to receive a wage they deserve and decent working conditions for all of us at a time when we need to stand up. Workers don’t need photographic gestures from those seeking electoral gains, only to be completely forgotten about the rest of the year as the food prices and welfare queues increase. We call on working class solidarity for workers on strike.”


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