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Abortion Access Now: Reproductive Rights Solidarity with US

Members of the Industrial Workers of the World IWW Ireland Branch took part in a series of actions across the North this evening which was organised by pro-choice groups against the recent right wing attacks on abortion rights in the US.

These events also received widespread support from union, community and non-aligned activists demanding further solidarity actions against ongoing attacks on reproductive rights.

Following this evenings solidarity actions a spokesperson for the IWW said "We like to thank those activists who pulled these events together as its vital we raise our voices on the streets, both to keep the issue of reproductive rights it peoples minds and to express our anger and solidarity with those directly affected by recent attacks on the right to choose in North America.

"In Belfast, fellow workers designed this banner in solidarity with all fighting the overturn of Roe v Wade. The IWW stands for autonomy for all - abortion rights are workers rights: in USA, Poland, & everyone else struggling for healthcare.

"As a union it is our belief that abortion rights are worker's rights. Here in Ireland we will remain on the streets with those who continue to demand immediate abortion access. We demand an end further delays and attacks on our reproductive rights!"

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