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Antifascists Moblise Against Hate Gathering: Dublin

On Saturday 16th November, Wobblies joined local anti-fascists in a counter-demonstration against a far right rally held at the gates of Leinster House. Among the speakers at their rally was a growing mismatch of local xenophobes, homophobes, sexists, and anti-semites.

Make no mistake; these charlatans have nothing to offer workers. When bosses have us working long hours for low pay and landlords charge us high rent for slum conditions, they try to tell us that immigrants, our own fellow workers are the cause. They would have us fight against each other, rather than confront our oppressors.

We call on all workers to continue to unite against this hatred and show that we will not be divided. It is vital that these fascists parading as ‘Irish patriots’ are challenged when or wherever they raise their heads. They must never be allowed to crawl out from under the rocks to which they have emerged to claim the streets unchallenged. As antifascists we call on workers to organise within your place of work, within your union and within working class communities to ensure racist hatred is effectiviely challanged.


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