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Belfast: IWW Workplace Rep Training

Later this month in Belfast we will host Union Representative Training for 'Northern Ireland' legislation on the weekend of 22nd-23rd April 2023.

There are still a limited number of places left for members to register. If you are interested in attending, please email .

What is the training about?

This training explains the role and position of a Union Representative in the IWW. Covering basic UK Employment law (specifically in Northern Ireland), this is the first step in becoming an accredited Rep for the IWW - this would allow you to represent fellow workers at workplace meetings and disputes in an official union capacity. You will also gain a good understanding of basic workplace rights which you may find useful in your organising activities!

Who can attend?

Any member of the IWW is welcome to attend the course. To complete the course, you need to attend both sessions.

Please note this training will be based on the 'Northern Ireland' legislation only. Further IWW Rep Training will be organised shortly as part of the annual training schedule, this will cover the 'Republic of Ireland' legislation.

Again to register for training please email the following address as soon as possible:


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