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Boycott Debenhams: Belfast Solidarity Action

IWW members took part in a solidarity action outside Castle Court in Central Belfast earlier as Debenhams attempted to sell out stock removed from stores across the southern network.

A spokesperson for the IWW union in Belfast said "Today’s action was a gesture of workers solidarity with Debenhams workers fighting to receive their full redundancy package. Money that is rightfully theirs. We spoke to members of the public since the doors opened in Castle Court in order for everyone to know that their should be know hiding places for those who try to deceive of hoodwink workers.

"The stock on sale at this store was forcibly removed from stores across the South. Gardi and security for KPMG broke pickets to smash and grab stocks to sell off here today despite first paying the former Debenhams workers what is rightfully owed to them.

"No matter what hype and glitter Debenhams put on this 'grand sale' today, we know and now the people of this city know that you can't polish a turd. Those who listened as to why we where taking solidarity action here, quite rightly walked away and decided to spend their money at other stores.

"For ourselves, we know they (Debenhams bosses) received the message loud and clear that Belfast fully supports Debenhams workers demands. From the picket lines in Belfast today, we extend our solidarity to those workers in Galway, Dublin, Cork and Tralee who continue the fight, stay strong. An injury to one is an injury to all!"

Support the Debenhams Workers Right To What Is Owed To Them!


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