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Community Celebrates 1000th Day of Resistance Against Toxic Gold Mining Giant Dalradian

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Celebrations as GPO mark 1000th day of action against the destruction ofour communities and environment from toxic golding mining in the Sperrins by Canadian multinationals Dalradian Gold.

Speaking on the eve of this remarkable anniversary a spokesperson for the Industrial Workers of the World in Derry said, "This is an occasion for celebration that should be spoken about the length and breath of the country as well as internationally. The dedication and commitment of the people of Greencastle in their fight to save their community and its environment has to be supported as well as celebrated.

"In their fight to prevent the destruction of their immediate environment from the toxic gold mining industry, they have sounded the alarm bells for all of us across the North West region.

"It is with thanks to the dedicated and detailed work those volunteers and activists have carried to date, that we know now the full extent of the poisonous plans Dalradian Gold are working on, and the detrimental impact it will have upon the entire region of the Sperrins Mountain range.

"That means the toxic pollutants thrown up by toxic gold mining will not only destroy the immediate area, an area listed as one of outstanding natural beauty, but it will also impact upon the lives of those in the countless villages and towns within its reach.

"As the Greencastle Peoples Office passes an historic milestone of it's 1000th day of action against plans for toxic gold mining, we should also ensure we redouble our efforts of solidarity and support with the Greencastle Community.

"We must redouble our commitment to share the knowledge and information on the impact of toxic gold mining on the lives of workers and on our communities. Whether or not that takes another thousand days or more, but we will never allow those who believe they can destroy our land, our environment or our communities in the pursuit of profits."


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