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Derry IWW Solidarity With Former Debenhams Workers Boycott Campaign

Yet another successful protest action today at Debenhams in Foyleside, Derry by Industrial Workers of the World.

A spokesperson following todays action said "Interaction with Chirstmas shoppers and passers-by in the street was great. We found that lot of people are now familiar with what has been happening with former Debenhams workers across the south, and their fight to obtain what it rightfully theirs.

"People are shocked to find that they have yet to receive their redundancies. They are angry that the way in which Debenhams bosses have treated dedicated members of staff.

"As a union we feel it is essential that the ongoing fight by workers is supported and highlighted far and wide. Workers are determined not to have their rights trampled on.

"They are defiant and confident that their actions will continue until their demands are met. The IWW in Derry are here today in an attempt to help spread that message of the former Debenhams workers and to promote their campaign of a BOYCOTT of Debenhams stores and online this Christmas until workers receive their full redundancy payments.

"Similar actions must be happening in other areas to help demand that Debenhams bosses cough up and pay each and every worker what is owed to them."


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