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Derry Wobblies Renew Call for Solidarity

The Industrial Workers of the World in Derry have renewed it's call for support and solidarity as they continue to build on the ground locally.

A spokesperson for the IWW union in Derry said that "We have remained vocal and active since we first established a number of years ago. We have grown in size and remain committed to building in the workplace and in the communities in which our members come from. As our union grows nationally as a branch, we also conscious that we form part of a larger international revolutionary syndicalist union committed to revolutionary change within society. For ourselves, we believe that it is vital that we can create a social space in order to assist that change locally where we live and work.

"Since 2017 the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) in Derry (North of Ireland) have been engaging in many campaigns locally: against health budget cuts, in anti-racist solidarity, in solidarity with decriminalisation of abortion, recognising peoples’ rights to bodily autonomy as worker’s rights, in solidarity with the BDS campaign, in solidarity with Rojava and Garment workers as well as having organised talks around prisoner’s rights and against prison labour.

"Over the last year there has been a steady number of activists joining the union. We now would like to reach out to even more people by opening a social and cultural space in our city.

"This will be a community-based space in the heart of the community where people will be able to get first-hand information about the union, find advice on work or welfare related matters and access literature from the IWW resource materials on the different fronts of struggle within the union, linking to other anti-capitalist struggles worldwide for workers’ rights and class emancipation.

"Derry continues to be a post-conflict society in which there are still social divisions at class level, and we believe that by opening a social and cultural space we as a union can offer an opportunity for people locally to engage in non-sectarian activism and have a common space to build from.

"We remain confident of achieving our goal in creating a union hall or social space in Derry in which we can build further. As we enter 2022, we do so with renewed energy and commitment in bringing our ideas to life, as we know that the solidarity expressed has given each of us added strength."

If you have any questions, suggestions or would like to get further information, please contact us.



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