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On the Picket Lines: Workers at Magee University Derry

Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) in Derry have extended solidarity to Derry Dockers at Foyle Port after winning a huge historic victory following strike action on Pay.

The recent victory of workers at Foyle Port will be seen as a victory across the city in the face of increasing attacks against workers come to the fore.

A spokes person for the IWW Derry Branch welcomed the victory by stating “Every victory for for workers against the bosses has to welcomed and celebrated. The historic victory witnessed at Foyle Port in relation to Pay is important, in that many workers in the city already organising to fight for similar issues will equally see this as a victory for them also.

“Workers will celebrate knowing that in fighting back we can win. Workers at the harbour and port commission and Burke Shipping Service have not only secured a historic double victory in their pay disputes but they have also given hope to fellow workers at this time. The message has to go out that there is power in the union!”

Foyle Port Workers on the Picket Lines

Members of the IWW Derry branch also attended ongoing strike actions throughout the city including the Education Welfare Officers strike who have taken ongoing action for pay parity.

Magee University in Derry was one of 58 universities across both islands which took industrial action in December as UCU members voted in favour of strike action on pension cuts and on pay & working conditions.

The Industrial Workers of the World extend its solidarity with UCU worker's taking industrial action. Many members of the IWW attended picketlines over the period of industrial action as a gesture of solidarity with UCU workers in their bid to fight continuing casualisation, workloads, pensions, pay cuts as well as equal pay.

One member who reported back from one of the university picket lines stated “It is important that workers who have made the decision to take industrial action receive solidarity and support from other workers. Today the university staff enjoyed support from passing cars as many have been hooting while passing. other passers-by have waved or even stopped to express their solidarity even though the weather was really bad at times. That expression of class solidarity is important at times like these for every worker.”

Over the next number of months workers will once again take industrial action in an effort to fight for better pay and conditions. Talk to your fellow workers about extending solidarity today!

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