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Dublin Solidarity: An injury to one is an injury to all!

The IWW (Ireland) sends its love and solidarity to the victims of the stabbings in Dublin on Thursday, and to their families and co-workers.

As an organisation that aims to help empower working class, disenfranchised and marginalised people across the world we see the recent riot in Dublin city as the inevitable result of the past few years of fascists being enabled by the Ruling Class to broadcast their misinformation and scaremongering, and to organise.

It is likely that the violence and trauma of this attack will have a lasting impact, both physical and emotional on the victims.

The attacker was eventually stopped by an immigrant worker in the hospitality industry but this stabbing has been cynically used by well known fascists to incite a riot and push their messages of hatred and division.

The crowds of angry working class people that took to the streets on Thursday evening are looking for answers to questions based on lies and intentional mistruths spread by far right agitators.

Their agenda threatens the livelihood of every working class person, hiding their actual intentions behind faked community interest, premeditated lies, outdated ideas and petty territorialism.

The difficulties faced by us workers today are not small. We will not solve them by listening to fascists blaming refugees, or foreign and non-white Irish people and spreading white supremacist ideals.

We will solve them by recognising what we have in common and directing our anger at those who actually cause the difficulties we face. Those who make themselves rich from our work, then force us to repay most of our wages in housing, heating and food costs.

The enemy doesn’t arrive by boat, they arrive by limousine.

Don’t let these fascists into your communities. We’ve watched the police and government allow these fascists spread their agenda. We’ve seen them sit back and do nothing as fascists set fire to refugee centres and harassed workers in schools and libraries.

It’s in the interest of the Ruling Class that we focus our anger on anything other than them, it’s in their interest to do nothing. It’s up to us, each together in our own communities and across the labour movement to push fascist ideas out and not let their lies protect those who are the real problem in our society.

Solidarity is Strength!



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