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Dublin Training: Organiser Training 101

On Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd January, the Dublin group hosted the Organiser Training 101 in the Pearse Centre. The training was well-attended, with folks coming from as far as Belfast and Wexford. Participants were very pleased with the training, with many folks looking to put their new knowledge into practice.

Everyone was well-fed during the lunch breaks with vegan chilli, rice, brownies, and chocolate chip cookies provided by members.

The Organiser Training 101 trains participants on how to organise their own workplace. It goes through the entire process of organising; from mapping relationships and spaces in the workplace, to building the union, and finally, winning demands!

The branch hopes to hold the OT101 regularly in different areas as demand dictates, and we encourage every member to take the training. The IWW believes that there is no better way to organise your workplace than to organise it yourself, and this training gives everyone the knowledge and skills to accomplish that.

Many thanks to the trainers Anna and Tom for making the trip from London to deliver the training, and to the bakers and the cooks who fed us.

Onwards and upwards!

If you would like to participate in IWW Training you can register at the following email address as IWW training programmes run throughout the year. Email:


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