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Fight Fascism: No Discussion – No Debate!

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

What we’re witnessing now is the mask slipping from the far-right as they break for cover who wrongly believe that their actions, views and opinions are somehow ‘popular’ or ‘acceptable’. THEY ARE NOT and NEVER have been!

What is required now is a genuine united working class antifascist response through the vehicle of the labour movement in our total rejection of such beliefs designed to weaken and divide our class, here in Ireland as well as internationally.

No discussion, no debate!

Our response must be taken directly from how our class who ultimately crushed such emerging views and groupings in the past. Our history, the history of IWW and that of the labour movement is littered with successful examples of antifascist workers militancy of what is required.

The first step is acknowledging that what we are witnessing here in Ireland as elsewhere is totally intolerable and must never be accepted or accommodated yesterday, now or in the future. No discussion, no debate!

It is vital that we unionise the fight against fascism and encourage other workers to do the same. Don’t wait for others to make the first move or give the lead for you, its up to all of us to take a stand.

You can join the IWW wherever you work or live by clicking on the following link and help build with us across Ireland.

Remember No Discussion No Debate!


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