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Fight for Public & Secular Health Care

Members of the Industrial Workers of the World in Dublin were outside the Dáil to show solidarity with the campaign to make the new maternity hospital publicly owned and secular.

Outside the Dáil a spokesperson for the IWW said "It was a great day with many fantastic speakers all of who reiterated the failure of the Irish state and Catholic Church to provide adequate health care for women and others who give birth.

"The Gardaí corralled the crowds in attendance onto the paths and would not allow any of us to socially distance properly. In response a spontaneous direct action was organised to take the street and spread out. Union members and other activists sat on the road and refused to move until the Gardaí gave up.

"Given it's history and current beliefs the Catholic Church cannot be trusted to provide care to women or those who fall outside the gender binary. The I.W.W stands in solidarity with all those who are denied the health care they need by the Church and state.

"We cannot live in a truly free society until every person, regardless of gender identity has access to the health services they need."



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