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Foyle Pride: Solidarity with all workers!

#foylepride #IWW Members of the IWW in Derry took part in this years Foyle Pride 2022 festival and parade which took place in the city this afternoon.

A spokesperson for the IWW Derry Branch said that "The annual pride parade takes the route of the original Civil Rights march in Derry, from the Waterside train station to the Guildhall Square in the city centre. The act of which itself is an important connection with the past linking the struggles of yesterday and the ongoing struggle today.

"As a revolutionary union, we're here today to add our voices in solidarity with the LGBTQI+ community, who still today face huge barriers of discrimination and attacks both within the workplace as well as on the streets.

"Only by coming together in unity can we overcome the such attacks be that against the bigots, the haters, the fascists as well as the state itself.

"The IWW motto, as our banner today states is 'an injury to one is an injury to all' and that includes everyone". #unionisethefight

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