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From Crisis to Class War!

The unfolding crisis working class communities are facing has already arrived on their doorsteps.

As protests took place in England, Wales and Scotland the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) Ireland Branch part in march and rallies held in both Belfast and Derry. The events held witnessed community action groups, trade unions and others taking to the streets once again to help highlight continuing attacks on our class from fuel poverty, cost of living and poverty wages.

Speaking during Saturday's events a spokesperson for the IWW said that "As energy prices rise the impact upon workers, their families and communities is evident. We have witnessed a surge in food banks setting up and foot fall on similar community resources increasing. At this day and age we are actually entertaining this. At what point do we say the enough is enough?"

Similar actions have taken place on the streets of Dublin and Cork as people begin to mobilise. These types of mass mobilisations or protests has to be welcomed?

"Definitely, the importance of mobilising on the streets, of encouraging a workplace and community response to what is happening right now is a rejection of those in their halls of power. People are angry. On the streets is where we can address these issues and right the wrongs our class is facing.

"Throughout the North, as in other locations workers are being mobilised for industrial action or are currently taking part in strike action to challenge a share of the wealth bosses have been basking in for far too long.

"As a revolutionary union, it is our belief that what we are witnessing in our homes, in our workplaces and in our communities is far from a "cost of living crisis" but a class war.

"It is wrong to believe that the system which is in place is there to assist or help our class. It is wrong to believe that that same system can be somehow reformed or tweaked in to helping our class out of the pit we currently find ourselves. It is deliberate and calculated robbery. This system of capitalism was created and designed to act in such a way were the rich could easily gain as much wealth as the can off the backs of ourselves, the working class.

"They are the ones who are in control of the laws and regulations which is effectively attacking workers at every juncture. The system is there to support and protect them as can be seen clearly over the past number of months."

But what of the Industrial Workers of the World and its reaction to what is happening right now? You are here once again on the streets and visible as a revolutionary union.

"Yes, our union supports fully workers and communities fighting back. We are not silent in stating that we seek to abolish that system once and for all, which is our stated aims and objectives. We believe that only as the working class themselves, unionised in the workplaces and in our communities can effectively end these attacks and the system itself.

"We also need to be mindfull of the enthusiasm of those political parties, those who describe themselves as radical or of the left. Of those who are already in "positions of power", of those attempting to keep their seats as well as those trying to obtain them. There are elections around the corner and these parasites know that only too well.

"But to get back on track, we must not be under any illusion that what we are witnessing is nothing short of a class war. Its us against them. Their elections, or their councils and parliaments will not correct the imbalances, the injustices our class are facing. Only a revolutionary organisation led by and for our class will suffice in removing that very same system of corruption and power once and for all. This is why we, as revolutionary syndicalists seek the immediate abolition of wage slavery and capitalism."

The IWW meet regularly to train, organise and support workers in struggle.

You can join the IWW today wherever you work or live #unionisethefight #abolishthewagesystem #IWW

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