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Incarcerated Workers See Possible End To Prison Book Ban

After months of campaigning the Incarcerated Workers Organising Committee (IWOC) have welcomed changes in current book ban throughout Prison System in the North.

In a statement released earlier a spokesperson said "We have finally seen some concessions from the Northern Ireland Prison Service (NIPS) in relation to the ongoing book ban across the North's Prison System.

"Until now, the NIPS have refused to allow family or friends to supply reading materials such as books or independent publications to prisoners held in the North. We have continually argued that books and reading materials are an important asset to all those incarcerated, which should be a basic right to all those imprisoned.

"The NIPS have now taken the step to allow family and friends to leave books and other forms of reading materials into the prisons while attending visits, which are pre-arranged by appointment only.

"While this comes as a welcome development to those incarcerated, concerns still exist regarding the ability of prisoners to access these materials. Especially in circumstances where prisoners do not have any family, friends or loved ones living locally or whose family are unable to visit the prison. In doing so, incarcerated migrant workers and those who neither have the financial means to purchase reading materials will continue to remain in serious isolation due to the unjust nature of the prison regime.

"The NIPS must recognise the differing needs of incarcerated workers and immediately accommodate for non-discriminatory measures accordingly. As incarcerated workers, we demand a complete end to forced isolation of all prisoners and an end all restrictions on literature for all those incarcerated. An injustice to one is an injustice to all!"



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