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International Day of Action marks 'Operation Cast Lead'

Updated: Jan 2

Today on the last day of 2022, activists across the country held a host of New Year's Eve vigils, commemorating the 14th anniversary of 'Operation Cast Lead' assault on Gaza and to highlight the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

In Derry a spokesperson for the Industrial Workers of the World said of today's actions that "For many, this annual event comes at a time when fear has undoubtedly increased throughout Palestine. This time by yet another lurch to the right by the Israeli government and the implications this will have on the people of Palestine in the year ahead.

"We are here today in solidarity with the people of Palestine with community and non-aligned activists, other trade unions and political groups, antifascists, anarchists in an effort to highlight recent developments in Palestine and to encourage further solidarity actions to be taken as we enter yet another year of terror and occupation."

"Speakers have said that events have been held throughout today such as in Dublin activists on Ha’penny Bridge, in Galway's Eyre Square, in Sligo, in Limerick as well as here in Derry on the city's Peace Bridge holding banners and Palestinan flags to highlight the continued oppression of the people of Palestine.

"It is important that international revolutionary unions, such as the IWW remain vocal in support of Palestinian workers. To speak out and to take action against this ongoing oppression and call a halt in support for racist regime.

“In doing so in international solidarity we demand social justice and human rights and for all Palestinian workers. We call for immediate labour-led sanctions against these oppressive regimes such as an the full support for a Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against the Israeli regime.”

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