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International Open Letter To Dragon Sweater Bosses

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

An open letter was sent to the management of#DragonSweater garment factory supported by 19 labor federations, unions and collectives:


In cooperation with the Garment Workers’ Trade Union Center (গার্মেন্ট শ্রমিক ট্রেড ইউনিয়ন কেন্দ্র) the following open letter was initiated and is herewith officially delivered to the management of Dragon Sweater Ltd.


Dear Deagon Sweater Ltd./Dragon Group management!

First of all we welcome the fact that an agreement between the textile workers and the Dragon Sweater management was finally reached. At the same time we have to acknowledge that the owners got away cheaply, since by far not all payments were agreed on that the workers are entitled to.

We will continue to observe future developments closely. In case we realize that you deviate from the agreement – for example by not paying your dues on the given days – we are ready to become active again by confronting your customers (e.g. New Yorker, Lidl and Walmart).

The campaign #UnitedAgainstTheDragon would become even bigger.

Kind regards,

International Confederation of Labor (CIT ICL)

National Confederation of Labor Aranjuez (CNT Aranjuez) Spain

Free Workers’ Union, FAU Bielefeld Germany

FAU Bonn

FAU Freiburg - Basisgewerkschaft

FAU Hamburg

FAU Leipzig

FAU Sektion Mönchengladbach

FAU Münster

International Committee of Freie Arbeiterinnen- und Arbeiter-Union (FAU)

Feministische Gruppe Realitätenwerkstatt Freiburg (Germany)

Federação das Organizações Sindicalistas Revolucionárias do Brasil (FOB)

Federación Obrera Regional Argentina

Industrial Workers of the World Bristol (Bristol IWW)

IWW Hamburg

IWW Ireland

Central Organization of Workers in Sweden (SAC Syndikalisterna)

Fairdruckt eG

roots of compassion eG


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