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Ireland Solidarity: Rest in Power Brianna Ghey

As the murder of Brianna Ghey touched the lives of many on both islands, thousands have rallied on the streets this evening to show their disgust and rage at yet another attack directed towards the trans community. Several hundred people gathered in central locations across the country, candlelight vigils were held in Belfast, Derry and Dublin in memory of Brianna, who along with friends suffered years of bullying.

In each location in Ireland protesters held posters and placards expressing solidarity and demanding 'Trans Rights Now'. A number trans activists spoke directly to those in attendance at each event. This evening's platforms were used to also highlight increased attacks, intimidation and further isolation of members of the trans community.

Following one of tonight's rallies a member of the Industrial Workers of the World said that "It was important for our members to show our solidarity with the family and friends of Brianna Ghey and also the wider trans community. Be it in the community, in the workplace or in the union we need to show our support and solidarity."

As the rallies drew to a close, a minute's silence was respectfully observed. Rest in Power Brianna



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