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Ireland Solidarity with Palestine

As part of ongoing international solidarity rallies with the people of Palestine, several hundred people gathered at Free Derry Corner earlier this afternoon. At the same time, one of the largest solidarity demonstrations demanding an immediate ceasefire in Palestine took place through the streets of Dublin.

Following today's actions, a spokesperson for the Industrial Workers of the World said that "This was one of the largest solidarity actions to have taken place in the capital expressing an end to the Zionist terror on Gaza. For ourselves as a revolutionary union, we believe that the participation of the trade union movement at these rallies in both Derry and Dublin is especially significant.

"Throughout our history the labour movement has played a vital role in opposing the war, militarism, imperialism and fascism. We are here to continue to voice our rejection of the arms race gathering force in the East and in the West.

"We call upon labour to realise the power and strength it actually has to help end this nightmare. Like thousands of union activists, who have taken to the streets with us, we demand an immediate ceasefire and end to the genocide in Palestine."


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