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IWW extends solidarity with Nkencho family at inquiry

The IWW joined other activist groups at the RDS this morning to show solidarity for the family of George Nkencho and support their demands for an independent inquiry into the killing of George by Gardaí. Many of today's speakers pointed to the recent events in Blanchardstown where a man was successfully talked down and taken into custody after shooting two Gardaí.

Why were these tactics not used in George's case? Why is there different procedures for different members of the community? And how can the state apparatus which killed George be trusted to investigate his death?

The IWW stands in solidarity with the Nkencho family and all victims of state violence because an injury to one is an injury to all.

Solidarity forever

IWW Solidarity Statement: Justice with George Nkencho

For more information and updates into the campaign for justice: Justice for George Nkencho

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