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Demand Justice For George Nkencho

On Monday 21st June, members of the Industrial Workers of the World Dublin Branch, will be joining with friends and family of George Nkencho who have called for a solidarity protest at the opening Inquest into their son's killing.

Ahead of Monday's protest rally, a spokesperson for the IWW Dublin Branch "As a union whose members are actively involved in anti-rascist and anti-fascist work on the ground and in the workplace, it is important that workers and the trade union movement extend our solidarity with the Nkencho family in their ongoing campaign for justice.

"The family of Nkencho have rightfully asked for answers as to why their son was killed in such a way by the Garda on our streets. They have asked why has two Garda, who were shot during a 4 hour standoff some weeks ago in Blanchardstown, yet the person who carried out that act was detained, without any form of lethal force, which also included an expert negotiator.

"They have asked if that was the case, then why was their son George shot 6 times, outside his own home by armed Garda within a matter of 20 minutes. To this date, why has none of those Gardaí involved in George's execution, have yet to be interviewed by the Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission (GSOC)?

"For the IWW, it is our belief that it is up to all of us to stand up against injustice, to demand that the Nkencho family receive justice and the answers they deserve for their son George. Let us remember that the next time it could be one of us, one of our children, cut down on the streets by an organisation supposedly designed to protect us.

"As a union or for anyone interested in social justice you really have to ask, does the type of rights a person can have or type of justice person can receive in Ireland now all depend upon what type of skin colour you have or what type of language you speak? This family demands a inquiry into the death of their son, they demand answers and the IWW support their demands."

As part of this protest action and to facilitate people from the community attending the protest, is organising a ‘Bus for George’ which will depart from Blanch Centre at 9am sharp to bring people to the RDS in Ballsbridge.

Protest: Monday 21st June @ 09.45am RDS, Ballsbridge, Dublin.

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