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IWW - Racist Graffiti Is An Attack On All The Community

A spokesperson for the Industrial Workers of the World Belfast Branch earlier today condemned racist slogans dubbed on a number of walls in the East of the city as "an attack on all the community".

As word the reached residents throughout Dundonald this morning, a spokesperson for the IWW Belfast Branch said, "It's shocking to see racist slogans appearing in communities that have for years strived to become and open and welcoming for everyone. This is an attack on all the community and the different communities it represents.

"As a union we believe there is no such thing as ‘white power’ and we must counteract any notion of it with working-class solidarity.

"The IWW stands with Black and Minority Ethnic community which make up the communities that have been targeted by this shameful display of racism by a small number of individuals.

"As workers we abhor all forms of discrimination against our common humanity and recognise that racism like sectarianism, is a structure designed to keep workers divided. Racists serve the interests of the elite and are working-class traitors. There can be no tolerance for racism in our communities so mindless actions such as this should be removed. We must stand together both in the workplace and in our communities with our BAME neighbours, friends and families to ensure racism is challenged wherever it raises it's head."


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