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IWW: Solidarity with Debenhams Workers face Garda Strike Breakers.

The Industrial Workers of the World Ireland Branch stands in solidarity with strikers who were forcibly removed from the pickets of their former store in Blanchardstown. Nearly a year on the picket lines and striking workers are being subjected to physical removal at the hands of the state and the private companies they protect.

Gardaí manhandled former Debenhams workers and solidarity activists from the site shortly before 5:00am this morning to facilitate KPMG liquidators in their removal of stock from the premises. While workers up and down the country have remained within the Level 5 restrictions, scab lorry-drivers have been facilitated by Gardaí in 'non-essential economic activity'.

'Stand With Debenhams Workers' social media site have put out a call to join former workers for a socially distant picket outside each of the stores marking the first anniversary of their struggle. More information is available on Facebook here:

Solidarity to the strikers - victory to the working class!


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