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IWW Solidarity with Sacked P&O Workers

P&O Ferries have sacked 800 members of staff over a video call today to be replaced by agency staff who will inevitably face worse working conditions and pay as a direct result of the greed and cruelty displayed by management.

The Industrial Workers of the World stand fully with all crew and staff who have lost their job at the whim of fat-cat bosses rushing to shore up potential losses for their investors. We fully support the crew members who have occupied their ships in protest at the outrageous mass-sacking. We send our solidarity to RMT and Nautilus International unions as they fight for their members in this unprecedented mass-firing.

Management has reportedly hired private security to board ships at Larne Port to remove workers by force. They are reported to have tasers, handcuffs, and some are even donning balaclavas to enforce this despicable decision to fire 800 dedicated workers on the spot.

We stand with occupying workers. We stand with all who’ve been fired by the wealthy managers of P&O Ferries. We recognise that the agency staff that P&O Ferries seek to hire will face worse conditions at the hands of this greedy company.


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