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Monthly Info Stall to Highlight Wage Theft in Derry

IWW members take part in monthly information stall in Waterloo Place in Derry City Centre. The action is part of our unions ongoing Stop Wage Theft campaign and an effort to encourage workers to unionise locally.

A spokesperson for the IWW Derry Branch today said that "Despite the cold weather today's action helped raise awareness of the Wage Theft campaign and the need for workers to help unionise their own workplaces in order to challenge bosses directly.

"Street actions like this helps to create face to face conversations with workers, their families or their relatives who have taken information on the union or the campaign itself. Some of the issues we talked about today came from workers within the hospitality or the tourism sectors. It's an industry were workers feel isolated or intimidated by their bosses, particularly around contacts and wages.

"Many feel unions aren't an option for them, for many different reasons. But we're here to help begin that conversation and to encourage workplace unionisation to secure better pay and conditions wherever you work. Be that in cafés, pubs, shops, hotels or restaurants. Workers can make a difference and the first step in creating that difference is by being unionised, together with your fellow workers. Worker's here in Derry as elsewhere deserve better."

You can join the union today at the following link

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