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On the Streets: IWW Information Stall

Industrial Workers of the World in Derry took part in an IWW information stall in a busy city centre this afternoon. It was good to try an reach out to workers in their place of work and on the streets, speaking to both unionised and non-unionised workers alike.

A spokesperson for the IWW Derry Branch said "Many workers feeling a great need to speak out against how they themselves are being treated at the moment. Many have gained strength in seeing others standing up and demanding better pay and conditions such as University workers, Council and now possibly the transport workers.

"We're here to help encourage workers to take that next step to unionise themselves and their fellow workers.

"In our own homes, in our communities and at work we're witnessing attack after attack from cuts, price increases, food banks to heating our homes. Many are wondering when is this going to end? What's for sure is that change won't come through their electoral systems as their empty promises are meaningless.

"As a revolutionary union we believe that real change will come only when we fight for it ourselves. We're already witnessing this on the streets more and more. Communities and workers are drawing a line in the sand and saying no more. They are organising collectively, taking industrial action but more importantly challenging those in power from the streets, opposing these attacks together by ourselves as workers.

"Our stall today is about reaching out to workers directly, sharing information and calling upon workers to unionise, whether you have a job or not. There is a place for you and that's in the Industrial Workers of the World".


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