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Organising Summit 2022: Thorne & Moorends

Every year the department is committed to running an event that help shape the unions future. Our last summit that was wonderfully organised online in Spring 2021 under the shadow of the Covid pandemic.

It is with that in mind that it brings the members of the Industrial Workers of the World great delight to announce that our 2022 Summit event will take place in Thorne and Moorends, Yorkshire for Friday 14th October, Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th 2022.

The weekend of events begins on Friday 14th with a series of unionising actions and leafleting of a number locations currently looking at mobilising workplaces in the area. In the Democratic Club later that evening there will be food and free music entertainment.

On Saturday 15th there will be a March and Rally from Moorends Hotel to Windmill at 11am with trade union flags and banners welcome. This will be followed at 2.30pm to 4.30pm with an open book, merchandise and information event with stalls during which a number of talks on Anti Trade Union Laws which will include the Orgreave Truth and Justice campaign.

Later that evening we will gather at the Thorne Ruby Club at 7pm for Benefit event for a local worker titled 'Justice for John'

Lastly on Sunday 16th there will be a number of IWW discussions for members and supporters with food for this event.

So please do join us, whether you’re a veteran of the union or just signed up today. The conversations, debate and camaraderie won’t want to be missed!

Spaces are now limited as IWW representatives for the four WISE-RA areas will be in attendance.

For further information please email:

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