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International Prisoner Solidarity Event in Dublin

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

As part of an international Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners, members of the Industrial Workers of the World joined with a number of anarchists and non-aligned activists in central Dublin as part of an event organised by the Irish Anarchist Network.

The event itself began at the James Connolly Statue near Liberty Hall before moving to Talbot Bridge on the River Liffy. There, those gathered unfurled several prisoner solidarity banners as part of a banner drop at Talbot Bridge to highlight the ongoing incarceration of anarchist prisoners and the Craigavon Two who continue to fight against their wrongful imprisonment. As the action came to a close, those in attendance listened to a statement written by IWOC Ireland member John Paul Wootton, who along with Brendan McConnville from part of the Craigavon Two.

The statement on behalf the Incarcerated Workers of the World (Ireland) was read out by a member of the Industrial Workers of the World as those present gathered along side the Liffy.

It read:


The state justice system is a failure. We talk in particular about the abusive cages, comes to those who it considers perpetrators, to provide relief to those who it considers victims.

On a daily basis those of us on the inside experience the harm it inflicts, not only on us directly, but on our families, friends and comrades.

Prisons are the side of the state’s tendency towards authoritarianism, mostly to express itself. Typically, through arbitrary punishment, whimsical impositions and degrading acts such as strip-searching.

Although the state claim to afford us rights and protections. Their systematic disempowering of everyone they hold makes these rights and protections impossible to assert.

Instead we are left in a daily struggle of increased violence and oppression on the inside.

It’s not only people in prison who suffer, the system consistently demonstrates its inability to meet the needs of those it seeks to protect or serve justice.

Women, members of the Traveller community, those living in poverty or experiencing mental ill-health, to name a few, are constantly let down or ignored. As a consequence, it is left up to our communities to pick up the pieces.

We seek to abolish prisons, about that we make no apology.

We seek to replace prison and the ‘injustice’ system as a whole, in fact we seek to empower everyone to achieve truth, justice and freedom.

Standing together in solidarity inside and out we can overcome this broken system and create a better alternative, which is why we are grateful to all involved in organising the events this week, and to all those who have attended events throughout this important week of international solidarity with anarchist prisoners.

Such actions are a step towards a better future.

We ask that you do not lament our incarceration, instead organise, mobilise and fight for justice and freedom for all.

John Paul Wootton

In other parts of the country, similar actions throughout the Week of Solidarity in Belfast, Derry and Galway. A number of workshops are planned to take place in person or online as part of an international effort of solidarity and action with anarchists prisoners throughout the world.



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