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Shut Down Cahersiveen Direct Provision Centre Now!

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Over the last number of days, it has been brought to public attention the way in which migrant workers and their families have been treated at the hands of the Department of "Justice". The fears of migrant workers and that of their families have been well documented by grassroots justice organisations such as MASI - Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland amidst a global pandemic health crisis surrounding the Covid 19 virus especially within government direct provision centres listed throughout the country.

Over the last few days, the local community once again helped highlight the intolerable conditions being inflicted upon those families currently being held at Cahersiveen Direct Provision Centre in County Kerry.

A spokesperson for MASI - Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland said that "Asylum seekers in Cahersiveen are completely devastated by the way they have been treated by Doj where they have been forced to share everything since they were transferred and dumped there last month. Now 19 of them including a member of staff have been tested positive with Covid19 in space of just one and half weeks. They had a protest yesterday so that their voices could be heard and be moved out of there before they die. This morning the local community came out to support the residents. Where you take them is up to you. #MoveUsOut is what the residents want." The Industrial Workers of the World echo the calls being made by the local community and that of those families being held at the Cahersiveen detention centre by demanding its "immediate closure and an end to the Direct Provision System being implemented by the Department of "Justice".

"The trade union movement must not forget that migrant rights are workers rights and equally voice its concerns at the treatment of migrant workers and that of their families. Demand an immediate end to the Direct Provision System and security of decent homes and jobs for all migrant workers!"


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