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Solidarity With Deliveroo Strikers!

Earlier this week, word reached IWW Dublin members that Dublin Deliveroo drivers planned to take strike action as a result of ongoing issues which had been continually ignored by a number of outlets across the city.

In advance on the planned work stoppage a contact relaid that - They’re asking Deliveroo for better working conditions security, delivery fees & value standards.

At this time they’re also looking to be taken seriously by Gardai when their bikes are stolen or they’re attacked/abused

#DeliverooRidersStrike Reasons for strike:

• Better working conditions • More security • Better remuneration on delivery fees • Standard in the value of deliveries

In a statement of Industrial Workers of the World Dublin said "We fully support the Deliveroo drivers in their strike action for better working conditions, security, better pay and to be valued as workers. We must fight against precarious jobs that keep working people in dire situations of poverty and slavery. It is vital that each of us stand with workers at Deliveroo and echo their demands. An injury to one is an injury to all!" #Deliveroo_Driver #AnInjuryToOneIsAnInjuryToAll #Deliveroo_Driver #deliveroostrike #IWW


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