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Solidarity With Health Care Workers

On the 1st of April 2022, hospital workers across many different job roles, pay bands and trade unions protested outside the Belfast City Hospital. The hospital is run and administered by the Belfast Trust, and although this protest involved one hospital site, the same issues are found all across the province.

The slogan workers were protesting with was “It may be April 1st… but we’re no fools!”

The IWW spoke with a union rep to find out more about the protest.

They said: “Last year, they gave a measly 3% pay increase. This year, inflation is through the roof – the price of household fuel is astronomical. Workers are struggling – what about those who are unemployed?”

“Workers are deeply annoyed. They’re not going to stand for that.”

When asked about the other pressing problems union members have at the moment, the rep highlighted the current staffing crisis.

“We are protesting today about pay, but also staffing issues. It takes three years to train a nurse, and we can’t pluck more out of thin air. The trust often relies on costly agency staff, which we disagree with. It’s both a political problem as well as a Trust one – they need to spend money to fix this.”

“Trade unions are all fighting for the same thing, and are welcome to come here. Any help is appreciated! Trade unionists and members of the public need to be heard, they need to speak to the politicians and let them know it’s a disgrace people are being treated like this, especially at these troubled times. Taking 5p off a litre of petrol, they might as well not have bothered!”

The IWW extends its solidarity to the unions and workers that are protesting and wishes the workers success in their campaign – “a victory for one is a victory for all!”

Interview with Health Care Worker during protest action at RVH Belfast here



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