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Stand Together: National Demonstration Against Racism in Dublin

Members of the IWW Dublin group were marching as part of the @lecheilednd Stand Together protest.

Thousands of people took to the streets to call for housing and equal rights for all.

When the working class is struggling, we must unite to fight those who would oppress us.

Our strength as a class has always been in our numbers. When we stand united against the bosses, landlords, and politicians, we can win.

One anti racist activist we spoke with during today's solidarity demonstration said "The far right do not want a united working class. They do not even want a United Ireland. Their movement is led by landlords, bosses, drug dealers, and Ulster Loyalists. They want to keep the workers divided so they can continue to rake in profits and exploit our communities.

"They try to divide us by race, religion, sexuality, and gender. They are nothing but bigots. Those who follow them are nothing but bootlickers and class traitors."

The working class will win by standing together. No matter where we come from, who we love, or how we identify.

Solidarity forever

IWW Dublin


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