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Then & Now Tour to arrive in Mother Jones birthplace of Cork

On Saturday 11th of November, the Industrial Workers of the World in Cork will host an historical discussion as part of the radical unions Then & Now Tour.

The public bilingual event will form part of a nationwide speaking tour will include a historical overview of the union presented by a leading member IWW. It will also include an update by local union activists.

The afternoon event will include a free social event with workers ballads, vegetarian/vegan and an opportunity for those interested engage directly with active members and union organisers.

History A spokesperson for the said "IWW is a revolutionary international union that fights for better conditions today as well as economic democracy tomorrow. By training our members in powerful organising methods, direct-action and direct-democracy, we put power in the hands of workers. We believe that ordinary working class people are best placed to lead and create change, both at work and in society. We put our members in charge, training each and every one to build and lead their workplace unions, organise their own campaigns and take the action that wins. We’re an active and fighting union not an historical group. We know solidarity is strength, and we prove it by looking after each other."

Originally formed in 1905, the IWW has a rich and proud history, organising workers into revolutionary ‘industrial unions’ along the supply chain of their industry. This form of union organisation provides workers with the maximum clout in any dispute with employers. When workers in one section of an industry have an issue, their fellow workers along the supply chain can take action to support them, having maximum impact on the running of that industry and hitting the employer where it hurts. This is the basis of our slogan, “an injury to one is an injury to all”.

The spokesperson continued "We would ask those interested in learning more and organising local to join us for an afternoon of food and music while looking at the history and vision of the Industrial Workers of the World. From its revolutionary beginnings in the North America over a hundred years ago, how we became more than just a union, to how we operate in Ireland today. Learn what makes the IWW different and how our unique approach gets the goods.

"IWW Ireland believes we can build a better future - at work and in society. We believe in sticking together and having each other’s back. We believe that when ordinary people come together, we can make real change for the better."

Cork Facebook Event Pages: HERE

Over the next few months IWW Ireland will host a series of talks in a number of towns and cities throughout the country as part of our local organising efforts, which will be conducted as a bilingual event, in both English and Irish languages.

Join the IWW today! For more details click on: HERE


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