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This is not a crisis - This is a Class War!

The continuing spiral of poverty and debt crippling working class communities has fuelled growing anger as strikes, picketing, workplace and community resistance all continue to grow. In place of silence, workers are challenging the false narrative that we are powerless to determine our future by increased protest and industrial action.

Mounting fuel and food poverty are taking their toll, particularly on low waged workers, already on or below the poverty line. Many more have to choose between heating and eating as the economic terror intensifies.

Workers and their families face job cuts and pay freezes, resorting to food banks and loan sharks in order to survive until the next pay cheque or welfare payment arrives. All this is leading to levels of deprivation not seen since before World War II.

Successive governments in the Dáil, in Stormont and Westminster continue to work against the interests of our class. Bankers, stock brokers, investors, business men and landlords ensure their own power and wealth is protected, while everywhere we suffer.

The pitiful crumbs they throw us when their backs are against the wall are desperate attempts to silence and distract us in an effort to keep our anger at bay; to distract us from the real enemy: the system that keeps us in poverty, that starves us daily, while they fill their prisons and expect us to fight their wars.

Meanwhile they are introducing legislation designed to outlaw protest and dramatically reduce workers’ rights that we have fought for decades to obtain through countless workplace struggles, hoping to derail an effective fight back while they protect their own interests.

As a revolutionary union, the IWW believes that what is unfolding is not merely a cost of living crisis; this is nothing short of the escalation of an ongoing class war.

Our anger must not be diverted down dead ends which seek to replace one set of puppets with another, nor with any system that seeks to rehash the same failed methods regardless of how ‛radical’ it might sound. There can be no ceasefire in the class war.

Our objective is the abolition of the wages system, of capital itself. We demand the creation of a new world organised by and for our class, one that works in harmony with the earth.

Our union believes that what is required now is the creation of organised workplace and community resistance, increasing solidarity to effectively achieve our goals both in the short and longer term.

This is already happening beyond the stale and empty statements from those who continue to fail working class communities.

Only genuine working class unity and solidarity in building workplace and community resistance can effectively challenge the bosses’ relentless attacks. Our members should be actively building power with our fellow workers in the union, in the workplace, on picket lines and on the streets; on the front lines where workers are mobilising as the class war heats up.

We must continue to encourage our fellow workers to unionise and become more active in further developing the One Big Union, using our tried and tested tactics of mutual aid, direct action and self organisation. Together we have a world to win!

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11 thg 6, 2022

Capitalist economic system in crisis? - Not our system. - Not our crisis.

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