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Tis The Season: Stop Wage Theft Campaign

The Christmas campaign against Wage Theft took to the streets in Derry city centre this afternoon. Members of the IWW branch distributed information leaflets on the campaign and how workers locally can best challenge aspects of wage theft in their place of work. Throughout this afternoon's action, IWW members engaged with workers on the streets hearing first hand issues in workplaces across the city.

One member reported that "We got to reach out to local workers as well as hear first-hand accounts. Having the chance to hand out information and have workers take leaflets from us to help hand out in their workplace is a good start".

"By workers taking the initiative themselves is a good first start to help unionise their place of work. By encouraging more workers to do the same where they work will be something we would like to highlight over the Christmas period. We know the issue of wage theft isn't just a seasonal issue, as it happens all year round.

"Wage Theft is an emotive issue at the best of times for many workers and with this supposedly being the 'season of good will', workers know that's a joke. Even though its the holiday season, workers continue to be treated with disrespect. As a union we believe that the most effective way to challenge wage theft and other issues is for workers to be unionised. By unionising they can get support and strength to put their demands across and better working conditions."

If you would like to find out more about joining the IWW, how to create a union where you work and receive training and support then get in touch. Also if you would like to help out in the campaign where you work, email

PDF of Leaflet

Stop Wage Theft Leaflet
Download PDF • 242KB

To find out more about how you can help stop wage theft:

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