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USI: Solidarity with the Palestinian people. Stop the massacre!

We watch in dismay and anger as the massacres in Palestine escalate, with civilians as the first victims. At the time of writing there are already 20000 victims, but this count is bound to increase.

Hamas is a reactionary, fundamentalist organisation and the military action of 7 October, with the barbaric extermination of hundreds of civilians, is worthy of its nature. But we are well aware that the responsibility for the ongoing tension in those territories lies with the fascist, racist and fanatical policy of the Israeli government, which practices an apartheid regime on a daily basis. Every day the Palestinian population is subjected to arbitrary actions, violence, expropriation of land, harassment of all kinds by the Israeli government, as if it were normal, in the silence of the world. In Gaza, people live like in an open-air prison over which the Israeli army has been periodically unloading bombs for 16 years, razing houses to the ground, slaughtering thousands of people, including many children, considering that the population of that strip of land is made up of 40% minors.

The intended consequence of this situation is the gradual strengthening of political and religious fanaticism, such as Hamas or other similar organisations, bearers of an obscurantist culture that we fight. It is well known that the State of Israel has favoured the growth of Hamas precisely in order to have an excellent pretext for its bloodthirsty policy of colonial expansion.

This is precisely why the criminal hypocrisy of our institutions and their constituent parties, who make a deafening chorus in favour of the Israeli government, bringing up issues such as Israel’s – rightful – right to exist, which is not in question today (while the self-determination of the Palestinian people evidently is), and avoiding taking the only possible humane position, is absolutely unbearable:

an end to apartheid and genocide against the Palestinian population.

Also complicit in this hypocrisy is the subservient and uncritical press, which loses all credibility and dignity, with its one-sided reporting, which in fact denies the total asymmetry of this conflict and fails to mention that it arose from the political choices of the current Israeli government.

Without justice there can be no peace.

We call for a ceasefire, the restoration of basic necessities and health services

Let us mobilise to stop the intolerable massacre of civilians that is taking place in Gaza in these hours.

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