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Victory for Disability Activists: Green Paper Scrapped

Members of the Industrial Workers of the World in Dublin attended a 'Scrap the Green Paper' rally in central Dublin following the announcement of its welcomed demise.

Disability activists believes pressure mounted on Minister’s following 'a huge grassroots backlash' from several campaigns ahead of the forthcoming elections.

Speaking after the demonstration, a member of the IWW in Dublin congratulated disability activists and action groups who successfully fought against what can only be described as an 'ableist agenda'.

"From the outset, it was believed that the Tory inspired proposals would have meant those receiving disability payments would have to face even further intensive scrutiny, marking another new low by the State upon the most vulnerable.

"As a union we call upon those receiving disability or unemployment payments to unionise. Only by doing so, can we fight back effectively against further attacks.

"If anyone is under the impression that all attacks on our class will now end with the scrapping of the governments Green Paper, they are wrong.

"No matter what the next Coalition government will be, whether they're a little bit more Green, even with a hint of Red, workers will undoubtedly be facing further attacks and even more cuts. For ourselves as a union, we believe that every worker must be unionised no matter your age, sex or abilities you have."

If you are not already in a union then you can join the IWW today wherever you work at the following link



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