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We Make Tomorrow: Briefing for Workers & Trade Unions To Mobilise for COP26

By Workers Action: Cop26 Coalition Trade Union Caucus - We Make Tomorrow, September 20, 2021

Introduction Briefing for Workers and Trade Unions

  1. View this briefing as a Google Slides presentation here or on our website here.


This November, world leaders will meet in Glasgow at the global climate talks - COP26 - to discuss our future.

The COP26 Coalition is a civil society coalition of trade unions, NGOs, community organisations mobilising a week of global action for climate justice

Our Plans 5 November - Supporting Global youth strikes 6 November - Global Day of Action 7-10 November - People’s Summit” The Global Day of Action

  1. More information about the 5 Nov and Peoples Summit will be available soon

On the 6 November, we are organising decentralised mass mobilisations across the world, bringing together movements to build power for system change – from indigenous struggles to trade unions, and from racial justice groups to youth strikers.

In the UK, primary regional demonstrations will take place in: Glasgow / London / Belfast / Cardiff / Newcastle / Manchester / Sheffield / Nottingham / Birmingham / Norfolk / Cambridge / Bristol / Brighton / Leeds See for info #WeMakeTomorrow The Trade Union Caucus of the COP26 Coalition brings together activists from across the trade union movement. We are mobilising the biggest trade union climate mobilisation in UK history: #WeMakeTomorrow

Read more about why COP26 and climate justice is a trade union issue in our briefing paper here and about why workers should participate on our website here.

The mobilisation is supported by: BFAWU / EQUITY / PCS / UCU / UNISON / UNITE / NEU SLOGANS #SystemChangeNotClimateChange #ClimateJobsAndJustice #JustTransitionNow #OurClimateOurJobs/Homes/Transport/Struggle/Etc. AIMS

  • Visibility - Platform workers and our unions in the climate fight

  • Support - Support the wider mobilisations with funds, logistics etc.

  • Organising - Educate workers about organising for transition at work

  • Movement building - Build future action for a worker led future


Each of the main demonstrations will consist of blocs (sections) showing the diversity of our movements.

We will mobilise big, powerful and united trade union and workers blocs on each of them DIGITAL MOBILISATION

To help trade unions and workers to organise and find actions to join, we have created dedicated social media channels and a website featuring an action map and resources including a model motion, organising guides and editable graphics:

Trade unionists are encouraged to add mobilising meetings and workplace actions to the action map.


We have recently held a meeting with General Secretaries and another with 50+ regional trade union staff and leaders.

Next will come a regional trade union mobilising meeting for each demonstration. Get in touch to help us organise these.


To put the trade union movement at the heart of the fight for climate justice means we need your help to make these mobilisations the biggest ever.

The urgent need is to help organise a big regional trade union meeting for each of the main demonstrations. We aim to hold these between now and 8 October (Update: London is planned for 30 September).

Please contact Stuart Melvin on urgently if you can help mobilise members and workers on November 6, 2021

Please contact Camille Barbagallo on for information about the People’s Summit, movements assemblies and all any other COP26 Coalition issues.

Otherwise, here’s how to help right now:

  1. Help organise the bloc near you - Get in touch with us. We will provide support and guidance to help you liaise with your local COP26 Coalition Hub and with the TUC, trades councils and union offices and branches in your area to build big, powerful, united blocs.

  2. Encourage your activists to pass our model motion at your branch, council or TUC

  3. Mobilise your members and other workers to join the blocs - Check out our Mobilisation Guide, Pledge Sheet and editable graphics on our website.

Email Stuart Melvin on or sign up at and we will be in touch!

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are not the official position of the IWW (or even the IWW’s EUC) and do not necessarily represent the views of anyone but the author.


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