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World Resistance Day, Sat. 2nd November

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

As part of a day of International solidarity action on World Resistance Day, Saturday 2nd November, the Kurdish YPG flag was hoisted in Derry in opposition to the continuing killing by Turkey's war machine and the resistance to it.

In the run up to a day of international solidarity action against the war in NE #Syria the despite the ceasefires, #Turkey and their jihadist gangs are attacking villages, bombing schools, hospitals & civil areas. Their occupation is continuing. In the territories they occupy, they plunder shops and houses, slaughter and torture the remaining locals, and settle the liberated #ISIS families.

The people of NE Syria continue to resist all this. They continue to struggle for the freedom and liberties they achieved. They continue to fight against this unjust occupation.

World Resistance Day on the 2nd of November was called in order to highlight that people should not fall for the diplomatic games of imperialist states and continue solidarity support to block, disturb & occupy governments, companies and financial institutions which support Turkish fascism militarily or financially.


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