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Action Against Welfare Attacks

Derry marked this years October 5th Civil Rights anniversary with a symbolic funeral procession along the original route of the historic 1968 demonstration in an effort to highlight the impact of Tory 'welfare reform'. Several hundred community and trade union activists came together to stage todays event characterised as the ‘Death of Civil Rights’ by the northwest Action Against the Cuts campaign.

In what was a very dramatic event which set off from the Waterside Railway Station to a rally in the Guildhall Square. The cross community procession was absent of party political flags, emblems and banners and replaced by wreaths, headstones and other horror emblems symbolizing the death of the welfare state from community funding to NHS cuts.

Representatives from Action Against the Cuts, Derry Trades Union Council, Alliance for Choice Traveller Support spoke of the pressure felt within working class communities across the north west as thousands attempt to organise against attack after attack.

One member of the Industrial Worker's of the World said following today's events that "this was only the beginning".

"Welfare Cuts imposed upon working class communities have left a devastating impact and more will undoubtedly happen if we do not organise ourselves more effectively on a grassroots basis. Those who have set themselves up as our political leaders have done little or nothing from each election to the next while more poverty, homelessness and food crisis have become the order of the day.

"It is clear, is that sustained grassroots action is needed not more mealy mouth words from local and regional authorities who continue to administer Tory Cuts crippling working class homes and communities. Direct action on the streets and not in the corridors of local government is where we will obtain justice."


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